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Butterfly Playing Cards

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Butterfly Playing Cards

A year ago I had to put down my work due to physical reasons and spent some time in a garden. At that time, every afternoon, I would see butterflies flying among the flowers.

I like butterflies very much

The life of a butterfly is so short, it only takes a few weeks from larvae to adult butterfly, but they complete a magnificent transformation in this short time. This process is not only a physical change, but also a spiritual sublimation. From an ordinary larvae, they go through various difficulties and then tenaciously transform into gorgeous adult butterflies. This is a miracle of nature and the essence of life.

The inspiration for this playing card comes from this.

My designer friends and I spent half a year revising and perfecting this inspiration. Finally completed this complex gorgeous and interesting task.

Introducing our new deck: Butterfly Playing Cards

Redesigned the card to ensure that their 100% customized.

Limited to 1,000 decks

On the road to innovation, I think, let us take an unusual path. Therefore, this time, we chose a double-layer card box as the design solution for the card box.

This decision makes our product unique. This special design is not only refreshing, but also fully demonstrates our insistence on quality and beauty. What's even more amazing is that we used exquisite hot foil gold holographic on the box, and the butterfly pattern bloomed like a dream, adding a layer of luxury and artistry to the entire card box. This new design is definitely a successful innovation, making our products more beautiful in appearance and making people want to collect and cherish them.

The back of our card back and the front of the card uses holographic cold foil technology

We also put meticulous craftsmanship into the design of the cards. we also use holographic cold foil to carve the elements of butterflies to carve out the butterfly elements in a unique way. Each playing card has become an exquisite work of art. The butterfly patterns on the colors are delicately presented by cold stamping, as if they are miniature paintings. The details show the ingenuity of the craftsmen. This not only gives the cards a higher ornamental value, but also makes using them a unique sensory experience. We are committed to integrating beauty into every detail of the product, making the butterfly elements a wonderful embellishment of the cards, adding an artistic atmosphere to your entertainment time.

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