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Madison Blanks Playing Cards By Ellusionist

$ 20.00
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Madison Blanks Playing Cards By Ellusionist

The manufacturing process was extensive. With each deck traditionally cut and placed into Madison stack, before being rolled in a whisky-soaked leather jacket for that comforting Madison scent, right out of the box.

During quality control, the 28th card is reversed in every pack for a guaranteed reveal, 100% of the time.

The result? The most minimal deck known to man.

A fully marked, one way forcing deck that's compatible for all hand sizes.

People will try to show you they already have one. They don't.

We've secretly trained a crow to beak-stamp every tuck case with UV ink to prove yours are legit.

Every other Blank Deck is imitating this.

- 52 duplicate cards.
- Perfect for color changes & ACAAN
- No ink = Kinder to the environment.
- UV Printed Box. Your only way of showing you're better than everyone.

You either have them or you don't.

Don't settle for cheap imitations. Get your Genuine Madison Blanks TODAY.

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