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Orbit X Aesop Rock Limited Edition Playing Cards

$ 39.50
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Orbit X Aesop Rock Limited Edition Playing Cards 

The official collab deck between Orbit and Aesop Rock

  • Crushed Bee Stock
  • Designed by Coro (Designer of Spirit World Field Guide Album art)
  • EXTREMELY limited availability
This isn’t an ordinary deck of cards. No, these are in fact, portals to a new dimension. Full access pass to the Spirit World. Each card showcases the super-vibrant artwork of the visionary artist, CORO, featured on Aesop Rock's Spirit World Field Guide album. Whether you’re an advanced cardist, a fellow illusionist, or the casual Gin Rummy-er, these will be sure to bring your activities into a whole new realm. The jokers feature a triptych of the original Spirit World Field Guide artwork, the Ace of Spades has a message of support for your inter-dimensional travels, and the carrying case has just as much attention to detail as the cards themselves. With just one shuffle, you will feel the difference of the air-cushion finish. Springy, light, and durable, you will never return to a standard playing card now that you’ve found yourself within this Orbit. Safe travels.

  • Traditionally cut, crushed premium air-cushion finish, matte box.
  • Designed for cardists, magicians, and collectors.
  • Featuring a retro 70’s Arrco pip package and custom Spirit World Field Guide original artwork designed by Justin "CORO" Kaufman.
  • The card stock is the most premium stock at the US Playing Card Company and is crushed down with extra pressure during the printing process to make the cards thinner and more springy than regular decks. This ensures that the cards keep their integrity even after weeks/months of heavy use.

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