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Pro Edition Night Flight Playing Cards by Steve Dela

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Pro Edition Night Flight Playing Cards by Steve Dela

The G.O.A.T is BACK! The Pro Edition of the Night Flight Deck is a casino grade 100% plastic pack of cards!

Designed especially for mentalists that want a working deck that lasts for YEARS! Night Flight - PRO Edition - Red 100% plastic (PVC) super flexible and perfect for table shuffles, springs, pressure fans, Faro's, etc. Original faces - big & bold and awesome to use on stage!

Card reveals built in... Joker reveals 3 of diamonds. Ace of Spades reveals Queen of Hearts. Queen of Spades reveals Ace of Hearts. Box reveals 5 Diamonds & 10 Spades. Ace of Spades with a reveal. One Joker has a specially marked back so that you know which has the reveal. 10 of Spades has border gap ... use as a key card in a spread or quickly locate it ready for the box reveal. Red / Black marking. Magic square barcode.

We still have all the great features that you love... The easiest-to-read marked deck. Subtle "One Way" back design. Double backer included! Generic looking box. 2 Jokers. One with a small reveal. Strong matte laminated tuck box. Large Aces. Magic square barcode. 1089 reveal. Casino quality PVC.

A little more... The great thing about designing the backs from the ground up is that the marks are BIG and yet well disguised! Once you know where to look, they are REALLY quick to read. Don't believe us? See for yourself in the photos.

Marked in just two corners... not all 4 (top left & bottom right) this means you can spread the cards and hide the marks if you wanted to. The cards are also a 'One Way' design... take a look at the center star. As if that isn't enough! There are specific markings to indicate in a split second whether the card is red or black. See the spider webs? The black cards are 'filled in' white in the center and the red cards 'filled in' red! Subtle, yet obvious when you know.


Q: How long will a PVC deck last me?
A: This is a tough question to answer because everyone will be using them for different amounts of time. The casinos state that 100% plastic decks on their game tables last 20-50 times longer than a cardboard deck. For us this means it should last a few good years of use!

Q: Do they handle like a cardboard deck?
A: Almost... Things like riffle shuffles, springs, faros, table shuffles are all EASIER with the PVC decks. They handle like a dream. The one thing they don't do as well is fan... for example a non-pressure fan will look a little clumpy. They do however still spread well between your hands and spread perfectly on a table.

Q: Why do you market this more towards mentalists than magicians?
A: Simply because when I came up with the world first marked deck made of 100% plastic, I was thinking as a mentalist that didn't need a pack to flourish and fan. As a poker player I have always known that even the best quality PVC decks just don't handle quite the same.
However, the original deck exploded amongst magicians! They seemed to love it as a deck that you can wash and use again and again! So, take it to the pub and don't worry about setting it down on a wet spot as you can simply wipe them clean.

Q: Can I have a spectator write on these with a dry erase pen and wipe it off after the gig?
A: Sadly, the answer is NOOO!!! Please don't try, luckily, I have already tried for you with many different pens and whilst you can wipe most of the pen off, it does leave a mark!

Q: Can I Mercury Fold a PVC card?
A: Technically yes... however once folded, that card much like a cardboard card will be ruined! You can NOT make it flat again. Please just don't do it!

Q: Can I 'corner short' a pro card?
A: YES, you absolutely can!

Q: Someone spilt cola on them, what do I do?
A: Do not panic... These cards are 100% waterproof. You can simply wash them with a little soap and warm water. If you have any stubborn stains or stickiness, use small circular motions on the area with a very soft cloth. DO NOT use scouring sponges or any abrasive materials. If need be, you can soak them in warm water for a few hours and then dry them off with a soft towel.

Caring for your Night Flights - Pro Edition

This deck will last for many years ...because of this, the natural oils from your hands will eventually mean the deck starts to stick a little.

It's at this point we would throw a "cardboard" deck away... but NOT the Night Flight Deck!!! Your simple wash each card with a little soap and lukewarm water (don't use anything abrasive) ... dry each card on its own with a soft towel.

To get them spreading (better than) like new... a tiny bit of fanning powder is amazing for making them glide. Shuffle for a while to spread the powder around the deck and then they will be better than new.

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