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Special Edition Cascading Cards (Cherry Reno Red) by Keith O'Brien

$ 470.00
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Special Edition Cascading Cards (Cherry Reno Red) by Keith O'Brien 

 Imagine a beautiful waterfall of playing cards cascading out of the packet, frozen in time. Keith O'Brien Magic Creations presents, Cascading Cards

Cascading Cards is a beautiful playing card sculpture, handmade and hand crafted by Keith O'Brien. Each Cascading Cards sculpture takes one full day to construct from beginning to end. Each masterpiece is mounted on a handmade, aluminum display stand equipped with a swivel. This allows you to display the sculpture in any direction you desire. This not only makes it more stunning, but also keeps it secure to any resting spot, preventing it from getting knocked over or falling. 

Cascading Cards makes the perfect centerpiece for any magician or playing card collector. Truly something you would see in a movie! Looks like pure magic! This is perfect for anyone's office, magic or game room.

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