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Wizard of OZ Playing Cards by KWP

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Wizard of OZ Playing Cards by KWP

I was inspired by the original William Wallace Denslow illustrations of the L. Frank Baum tale, I wanted to create a unique deck that paid homage to the original character illustrations from the book. From the rough-looking wicked witch to the merry band of friends like the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly lion, all the court cards revive century-old characters in a brand new light. So many people are accustomed to ruby red slippers and a wicked witch with a green nose, flying broom, and a long pointy nose, when none of those iconic elements weren't introduced into culture until the movies came out years later in all their technicolor goodness. I wanted to push past the tinsel town interpretation and offer up my own versions of the original illustrations. Wizard of Oz is a deck full of both color and lively characters that help tell a timeless story.

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